Alignment: Especially for larger projects, the program is not always clear in the beginning.
Together we create an image during meetings, explorative to past experiences and the actual needs.
Contribution: Everyone can bring in ideas, regardless of his position. This mean that meanly the management but also the cleaning crew and including customers can bring in suggestions. Very interesting is to let explore the wishes with artistic impressions.
Schedule: We make an organigram​​ of the program. Therein we assimilate the imperatives due to the plot, the environment, the nearby buildings,the orientation and sustainibilty.
Adaptability to the future:
Because life is dynamic, it is also important to explore together if the function of certain areas is adaptable in the future.
Seeking for desired atmosphere:  It is always a matter of balance between versatility, flexibility and preserving the specific character of a space for the requested destination.
Based on training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and the experience of many years of schoolteaching we can optimize the collaboration.

Also Thoughtstorm ® is a useful technique

ill.: E.Schneider book about NLP