We all know the electrosmog, caused by high-voltage cables outdoors and by low-frequency radiation emitted from all power cables and apparatus in a house as well. This is caused by the fact that alternating current isn’t natural.
In order to protect us against this electromagnetic fields,we use sheathed cables.
High frequency fields are used by radars, cordless telephones,Dects, radio and television stations. Electromagnetic waves in frequencies of 100 kHz to 300 GHz) are used for transmission, as a result of which electrical and magnetic fields merge into an electromagnetic wave. This is subject to permission standards, but we see that the accepted level in the standard in Salzburg is lower than elsewhere. So, let’s be careful also in this matter. Shielding fabrics ,grids and foils can diminish the influence of HF -fields.
In our projects we provide solutions for preventive protection