conserve fossil energy

Back in the sixties the Club of Rome made clear that the stock of fossil energy is ending, but still in a rush of those “fat years” this wasn’t taken serious among the people. The development of windmills and solar panels stayed in too small amounts back then. Meanwhile this all has became quite a lot more accurate! The severity of the case is today socially more recognized and energysaving consequences are being encouraged by awarding grants. Actually we are ashaming late!
Most heaters are meanwhile quite a lot more efficient (condensing boilers for example), but only that is far from sufficient.
CO2 emissions need to be  reduced 
drastically. One is aiming for CO2-neutral buildings these days.
Altogether it is a priority to limite energyneeds using isolation. Every year  the EPB becomes more severe, so that in 2020 all European new buildings will have to be CO2-neutral or passive (in Brussels this will be in 2015 already).
Low energy-residences and passive residences are recommended. We always go for the latest. This will require a higher investment, but if we think about the heating costs through 20 or 30 years, this will definitely be worth it.