organic architecture

History shows different styles. A style stands for expression of values ​​that are considered to be important.
Currently we mostly see a sober design language (eg in minimalism),what with the  economical situation and the general preference of rationalism. This approach can lead to good results, but one must admit that it is very mentally. Many people are longing for a more fantastical environment, the queuers for the Gaudian buildings prove.
When we look to natural forms, we discover that the formal language can be much richer. Among others, the philosopher Rudolf Steiner invited us to free us from the Euclidean design in a more expressive and dynamic design language

Gaudi Casa Batlo

We can also say that an architectural style with softer forms is more suitable for feminine values​​: besides a sense of structure, ratio and decisiveness also a sense for detail, feeling and intuition.
All the works of Gaudi are a good example of what intuition can lead to, as he found in an empirical way significant, but at that time not calculable solutions in the field of statics. He dared turn fantasies into the matter. Gaudi sang his adoration for life in its architecture.

Hundertwasser with his controversial creations at least made ​​clear that many do not feel at home in a rigid modern architecture.
The freer design can exist beside the more rational and it isn’t the synonym of irrationality. It shows us a richer world with more playfulness, imagination, and a greater expressiveness and it appeals our feelings.

Hundertwasser Kleuterschool Darmstadt
It is important that everyone with his own temperament, sensitivities and preferences may find an environment where he feels at home.

In our office we assay the aesthetic and financial preferences of each client. Hence the diversity of our projects.