Starting a project we give you, once being a client a checklist to fill your idea about the building program and underlying desiderata. Afterwards we take the time to get it together to deepen it by interviews, so we can help you to make your wishes concrete where it is not really clear, using NLP-techniques,. (Eg "When do you experience cosiness?")
The creation of a building starts as a vague need, then becomes a dream and evolves during the design process to something concrete. The budget is in practice very decisive, but in the beginning one should allow the brainstorming process a while without this concern to get inspirational ideas.
All this requires a confident cooperation to find together the 'best buy'. This form of cooperation is less consumptive in nature but rather a mutually enthusing process, what can yield a '1 +1 = 3 ' result.
Our intention is to make you feel happy in your new habit and that we can be proud of the achievement.


Contractors are also more than only the executors of the plan.
They are cocreators. We respect them and do like to appeal to their professional pride and inspiration.